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How to Start a Blog

A blog is one of the keystones of effective content marketing. This blog post is all about teaching you how to start a blog for your small business.

What the Harlem Shake Teaches us About Viral Videos

The Harlem Shake is the latest viral video to grab the internet's attention. Just 30 seconds long and horribly addictive, the Harlem Shake videos are everywhere. Now it seems there's a formula which anyone can use to create their own viral Harlem Shake vid. If you're...

6 Unique Twitter Tip Desktops To Download Free

Here are 6 great Twitter tips we've turned into attractive desktops created by Design Inspiration for you to download and use. Not only are these twitter tips good advice for your social media strategy, they make handy constant reminders for you. To download each...

Why Your Website Needs a Blog

There’s been a tremendous growth in the number of blogs over the past years. That’s not an accident. They are essential for brand building and content marketing.

Stop! You Look Like Sp@m

The way to stop your content looking like spam is to push yourself. Push past mediocre, beyond good and proceed to great. Don’t settle for good enough.

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