How to Use Social Media to Attract Website Traffic

How to Use Social Media to Attract Website Traffic


If you need to attract more traffic to your website (and who doesn’t?) you have to take social media marketing seriously. It’s going to account for most of your traffic in the future, has an enormous impact on your SEO already and is what will give you the edge over your competitors. Here are 3 great ways to use social media to drive visitors to your website.

Use Social Media as an Outpost

Too many businesses fall into the trap of thinking that their Facebook Business Page or their Twitter account is where the action happens. But the fact is that one of the most valuable aspects of social media is their ability to generate traffic to your website. Twitter isn’t where it happens. Facebook isn’t where it happens. Your website is where it happens. Your task is to engage people on the various relevant social media platforms and bring them back to your website where your brand message is undiluted. After all, your website isn’t covered in ads for other businesses or branding developed for Facebook. How you do that is covered in the next two paragraphs.

Plan What You Do

Thomas Edison once said “Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.” Action without purpose is unproductive which is why you may not be getting the best from your social marketing yet. Either you have no social media strategy or it’s not effective enough. Your social media strategy helps you decide when to tweet, what your messages should be and helps you avoid being sidetracked. It’s what turns social chat into social marketing. If you need some help developing your own social media strategy get in touch. If your surrent social media strategy isn’t working, ask yourself how you developed it and whether you might need help writing a better one.

Blog Like a Pro

At Design Inspiration we’ve been delivering a lot training to clients who are new bloggers and it’s really paying off for them. It’s one of the most powerful ways to drive traffic back to your website. There is almost no better way to demonstrate your USP. And it gives you a place to concentrate your social media activities, even if they are spread over Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Blogging for business is very different from social blogging in a number of key ways. I’ll be blogging specifically about about that soon, so if you have any specific questions you’d like addressed, use the comments box below this post.

The Next Step

Design Inspiration are Plymouth’s most influential social media consultants, and it’s one of the key ways we give our clients an advantage. Get in touch if you’d like to learn how to use social media for your business.

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