6 Great Blog Posts You Shouldn't Have Missed

6 Great Blog Posts You Shouldn’t Have Missed


A round-up of interesting blog posts from around the web. Some are entertaining, others are useful but all are valuable reading. Just click on the headings or the “Read more” link to go to the full post.

40 Things You Didn’t Know Have Names

Did you know that the “sleeping 8” symbol you know as the infinity symbol is a lemniscate? It isn’t an important piece of information, but it is interesting. Here are 39 more obscure but fascinating names for things you didn’t know had names.

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Native App vs. Mobile Web App: A Quick Comparison

So you’ve decided you need an app. But do you understand the difference between a native app and a mobile web app?

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Star Wars Japanese Ink Warrior Paintings Give Darth Vader And Stormtroopers Samurai Portraits

Incredibly powerful Japanes ink paintings in the ukiyo-e style that any designer who appreciates art and nerd culture.

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40 Creative Billboard Designs

In unfortunate cases, billboard advertising can be a dull box that advertisers attempt to force into your mind simply by putting it somewhere they think you’ll look at it. These, are not those kind of billboards.

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Efficiently Email Every Time

Emailing. It has become our default communication used for almost everything. With that in mind, how influential are you in your emails? Do you consider the format or just write free-flow like in a verbal conversation?

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45 Creative Forced-Perspective Photos

Some creative inspiration for your photography..

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