What is the Real Secret to Sales Success?

What is the Real Secret to Sales Success?


One of the hardest new skills for a small business owner to develop is selling. Too often it’s seen as something peripheral or even a little sordid. It’s something that most new businesses struggle with and I believe it’s mainly a problem of perspective.

Thought-Provoking Questions

The cartoon you see here was drawn by my friend Robin Dickinson. Robin is not just a cartoonist, he’s also an artist and a talented musician. But beyond that Robin is an outstanding business consultant. This makes him a great business asset for anyone that knows Robin and I highly recommend him. Why am I telling you this? Because if you’re on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and you want to have someone who helps you keep a pin-sharp focus on what matters in your business, you should follow and engage with him. Robin has a talent for posing thought-provoking questions about business that give you access to really useful perspectives.

Selling: Which Comes First?

Recently, he asked:

Is it better to sell what you love or what your customers love? Which comes first?

For us at Design Inspiration, the answer is clear: we try to find the ‘sweet spot’ between what we love to provide and what our clients love to buy. We believe that the best services and products are the best because of the care that goes into producing them. I know that there is always an area overlapping between what we love to create and what our clients love to own. That’s what we sell. Anything that falls outside of this sweet spot doesn’t sell very well and is replaced by something our clients love.

What’s Your Answer?

My answer inspired Robin to draw the cartoon pictured above, but what’s yours? Is it better to sell what you love or what your customers love? Is it possible to do both? What do you do in your business?

Ash Mashhadi

Ash is a Web Design and Social Media Specialist. He is also the founder partner at Design Inspiration. Ash is considered to be one of the area’s most prominent social media consultants. He speaks fluent Twitter for business. Ash is a respected and prolific writer; he is often asked for expert comment by the media and to write for professional publications and websites. Ash has appeared on national TV and radio. You can connect with Ash via Twitter where he is @inspirationguy

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