The 3 Point Website Makeover Plan

The 3 Point Website Makeover Plan


So you’ve taken a fresh look at your website after reading my last post How to Improve Your Website and you’re a little worried.

Exactly how do you know if your site needs a makeover? Maybe you can wait a little longer. Here’s our lightning fast 3 Point Plan for assessing how desperate a rescue plan you need, and then how to make and implement that plan.


Is your website looking dated? Does it look less than great? Does it still give you a thrill when you look at it? Is your website responsive? If it isn’t, your SEO is likely to be compromised. How does it compare with your competition? If they look more professional than you, it’s time for a website makeover.


Does your site still carry your message? Does it match your business objectives? Does it enhance your positioning? Does it help you do your job or make it harder? Over time, the priorities of your business may have changed. If your website doesn’t clearly focus on those priorities, it’s time for a website makeover.

Plan and Execute

Work out how your website could be better. Make a clear plan for redeveloping the site. Remove anything unnecessary, even websites accumulate clutter over time. Make sure the new plan makes the site easy to use, incorporates your strengths, and drives clients to you with clear calls to action. Then execute your plan quickly, without hesitating. It’s important to avoid over-thinking your website makeover.

The Next Step

If you’re not proud to show your website off it may be time for an update, makeover or even complete replacement. Assess your current site based on the 3 criteria above. Work out what the deficiencies are. Make a plan. If you need expert guidance with any of this call Design Inspiration. It’s what we do.

Good design is good business

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