How to Improve Your Website

How to Improve Your Website


Like many busy companies, we spend a lot of time working on the things that our clients want. That’s good, but sometimes when you do that, you forget to look after your own stuff. That happened to us recently. We realised that we’d been so busy building websites for our clients that our own had started to look neglected. 

We decided that it needed a complete makeover, so we set some time aside to do just that. You might think that this just means a little cosmetic retouching, but that’s not how we do things at Design Inspiration.


We believe the best makeovers are an opportunity for a fundamental review of a site’s effectiveness. We asked ourselves some searching questions about our business and made sure that the answers were built into our new site. For example, we realised that social media had become a very large part of our business success, so we included a page on that. We took the time to declutter, streamline and focus on our key activities.


Over the years, we’d added all kinds of features that were relevant then, but not needed any more. So they went. We kept only the essentials, re-wrote the copy and made the navigation simpler. We also added this blog to share some of the things we’ve learned over the years.

How Long?

So how long should a site go before needing a makeover? It’s different for each site so there’s no absolute rule you can apply. If you are wondering if your site is ready for a little Botox and a tummy tuck, you can use our handy 3 Point Makeover Plan.

The Next Step

It’s always time to take a fresh look at your website. Business objectives evolve according to economic conditions. If you’re a recent start-up your goals can often shift dramatically. Make sure your website keeps up with you. You may also like to check out my next post: The 3 Point Website Makeover Plan.

10 Reasons to Choose Design Inspiration

- 30 yrs web design experience
- 13 yrs social media experience
- professional graphic designers
- content marketing experts
- free hosting for your first year
- free domain for first year
- mobile-friendly websites
- friendly and approachable
- social media experts
- professional copywriters

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