25 Business People Who Need to be on Twitter

25 Business People Who Need to be on Twitter


So, you’ve heard of Twitter and you’re curious. But surely it’s just for losers and time-wasters? You’re a busy person, with a business to run or a department to lead. Why should you bother with it? Right? Right.

Is This You?

On the other hand, you keep reading how it’s the next big thing and how you really need to be all over it. You’ve heard of Social SEO and it sounds just so trendy. Even the CEO was looking longingly at that IT kid’s iPad the other day. So what should you do?

Here are 25 real business reasons why Twitter is good for business. Your business. Recognise yourself in here?

  1. Small business owners with a non-existent marketing budget
  2. Employees wishing to impress their boss
  3. Family businesses that want to engage directly with potential clients
  4. Anyone who wants to launch a new product
  5. Anyone who wants to re-launch an existing product
  6. Anyone who needs to develop relationships within a community
  7. People who want to become aware of breaking news stories as they happe
  8. Bloggers who want to drive large numbers of people to their blog
  9. Website owners who wish to attract big numbers of visitors to their site
  10. Anyone who needs the most up-to-the-minute search engine in the world
  11. Networkers who want to connect with large numbers of like-minded people
  12. Businesses that want to find new employees
  13. Businesses that want to promote a product or service to a wide audience
  14. Businesses that want to test a product concept before manufacture
  15. Businesses that want to test a service concept before launch
  16. Community groups or clubs that want to find new members
  17. Any organisation that wants to let people know about what they do on an ongoing basis
  18. Anyone that has news to share
  19. Professional associations that wish to engage more deeply with their members
  20. Campaigners and lobbyists
  21. Businesses who want to monitor satisfaction or dissatisfaction of their customers
  22. Businesses who want to monitor satisfaction or dissatisfaction of their competitor’s customers
  23. Businesses who want to demonstrate their commitment to new ways of communicating
  24. Small businesses who want to hold two-way conversations with their clients and potential clients
  25. Anyone in business who wants to learn an incredible amount of new things in an incredibly short time

The Next Step

Whether you are familiar with social media or not, the simple fact is that Twitter is being used every day by real businesses to add to their bottom line. You can’t afford to leave it any longer. Decide today to learn more about how you can use social media to develop your business.

Leave your nerves behind and resolve to dip your toes in the water. Trust me, it’s easier than you think and if you need any help, just ask me. You can find me on Twitter as @inspirationguy. If you follow me, send me a tweet saying that you’ve read this article and I’ll follow you back.

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