Why Don't I Just Stick to Designing Websites?

Why Don’t I Just Stick to Designing Websites?


I’m always being asked why I ask so many questions at the start of a client meeting. The fact is that design is about more than you might think.

Let’s Talk About What Matters to You

When I visit a client, it’s pretty rare that the conversation is just restricted to where the buttons go and what the colour scheme should be. We discuss business, politics, success, attitude and a heck of a lot more. Sometimes I even record our conversations for later. Why? Because that’s how our designs produce such good results for you.

The Pursuit of Excellence

Our clients are a savvy lot. They really don’t want to talk to just another designer fresh out of college with an odd haircut, trendy jeans and a stack of business cards. They value real-world experience, and knowledge that comes from having run a business for over 2 decades. The kind of business that likes to work with us has already decided that the success of their business is more important than whether the latest untested-but-trendy gizmos are going to be included. And, I love that approach.

I love it because that is the approach that helps us create websites that work hard to improve your bottom line. We’re different from other web designers, because we like to dig deep to find the things that your clients want. Sometimes that’s not apparent on the surface. So when I meet you, I will work hard to find ways of displaying your value in ways that your clients will get.

Making Money For You

I’d much rather discuss how your website could help the business make more money. How having a Facebook account or a YouTube channel could help convert light connections into clients. Or how your website can give you an edge during a recession. So next time we meet, ask me how we can help you make money. That’s what you’re really interested in. And so am I.

10 Reasons to Choose Design Inspiration

- 30 yrs web design experience
- 13 yrs social media experience
- professional graphic designers
- content marketing experts
- free hosting for your first year
- free domain for first year
- mobile-friendly websites
- friendly and approachable
- social media experts
- professional copywriters

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