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It’s not every day that you meet a giant killer. It’s even more unusual to be given a chance to meet it before it becomes big in it’s own right, but last night I was lucky enough to be given early access to a brand new social collecting and sharing site called that could become very big indeed. Okay, I can hear you asking “What is social collection, Ash?” Relax, I’m getting to that.


“What is social collection, Ash?”

You’ve heard of Pinterest, the site that allows you to create virtual boards on which you can attach content from all over the web? Let’s say you have a burning interest in left-handed screwdrivers or high performance cars, or love sharing pictures and recipes for cupcakes, or… well you get the idea. You can create a board for each interest and whenever you find a website with pictures of cupcakes or supercars and you think to yourself “I wish there was a place I could put all these links so I can look at them when I have time and maybe even show my pals to demonstrate what an amazing hunter-gatherer of cool things I am”. Despair no more, because now you have it.

That’s what social collecting is all about: making great collections of stuff you like on the internet for yourself and so that other people can enjoy them too. On the back of that comes some interesting engagement opportunities too.

LoveIt vs. Pinterest

Okay, so why have I been talking about Pinterest when I should be talking about LoveIt? The thing is, Pinterest has flaws, some of which aren’t pretty to look at. For example, their small print indicates that they automatically own copyright on any images that are pinned using their system. Not too big a problem? What if you’re a professional photographer? By contrast, LoveIt tells me they’re keen to acknowledge copyright ownership and their small print seems pretty clear about it. They’ve gone to some effort to build tools for copyright owners to assert their rights by reporting suspect links.


LoveIt looks like it’s solving Pinterest’s flaws.

Visually, LoveIt may even remind you of Pinterest when you first start using it, but there are some fundamental differences. I won’t go into everything here, but the key ones are worth mentioning. Such as the ability to create private collections. This would make the collections a pretty useful resource for collaborative working and I’m promised that as they roll out new features, LoveIt will make it even better. LoveIt is focusing on enabling greater privacy and more control over organising your collections. Those are pretty good ways to differentiate so I’m interested to see how they will do it.

So, now you know all about social collecting and you’re clear on why LoveIt is pretty good news I can tell you want to ask me:

“I’m Trying to Run a Business. Why Are You Telling Me About All This Stuff?”

At Design Inspiration, we’ve been designing websites for a while (since 1993 if you really want to know) and the one thing we’ve always tried to do is make them visually interesting. Images add interest, beauty and information that words alone can’t convey. It seems the rest of the world agrees because you don’t have to look very far to see evidence that the internet is becoming more visual. Google now gives you a visual preview in search results so you can see what a site looks like before you go there. Facebook, Google Plus, even LinkedIn – they’re all getting increasingly visual and that’s cool because we humans like to look at things before we try them.

The visual web is good news for business because it gives us another, more natural dimension to our marketing, customer care, brand building and product development. Picture this: you’re working on redesigning your product packaging so you set up a private collection on LoveIt with a variety of images of the various options so that your virtual focus group can comment on them. Or, you have a band that’s just beginning to develop a following. How about setting up a collaborative collection so your audience can share photos from your latest gig? Or do what we do and post up links to your blog posts so as many people as possible can connect with your messages? These are obvious suggestions; you’ll come up with much cooler ones. Let me know what they are, please.

The Next Step

Don’t waste any time wondering what to do about this. Social collecting is already big and it’s only going to get bigger. Head over to and request an invitation (or an “invite” as the Americans seem to like to call it) so you can be among the first to start loving it like I do.


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  • Awesome post, Ash. Looks like LoveIt will really give Pinterest a run for its money! I was thinking of writing something myself, but you said it much better than I could have, so I’ve partial posted it and recommended it with a link on my blog.

    • That’s really nice of you to say that, Jenise. I think it’s going to be big. It ticks so many boxes and just feels right.

  • Kat

    Thank you for this wonderful post, Ash! We loved it, shared it and you’ve had the office buzzing all morning! We’ll be launching to the public soon and will roll out new features along the way. So please stay tuned!

  • Seems like an impressive social collection tool, Ash. Just requested for an invite. Privacy concerns and copyright problems causing quite a stir among the pinteresters! Hope Loveit will reach the concerned. Thank you for sharing this with us. Cheers! 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment, I agree that privacy and copyright concerns haven’t been properly addressed by Pinterest. LoveIt seems to have that firmly in mind.

  • Anna5belle

    great. solves one of my problems, the copyright thing. i asked to be joined…just please dont go putting hearts all over the site and it will like it even better…maybe even LOVEIT

    • I hope you’ll love it as much as I do and there’s a nice community feel developing on it already, so it bodes well for the future.

  • Hey you! Ash this made my day:) It’s an exciting beginning for LoveIt, beginning being keyword. We have so much in store and are excited to openly engage with the community, actively listen and implement. +1 LOVE the poster “Keep Calm and LoveIt” Ordered one for the office and we will be framing it along with a copy of your post. Will also be ordering one for my apt!

    • Lindsay, that’s brilliant to hear! I’m so glad you liked the poster. Please post up a photo when it’s on the wall & if I make it out to the States I’ll visit you and it!

      If anyone wants one of their own they can go here:

    • hawks5999

      Lindsay, can you point me to LoveIt’s blog, I can’t find it from any of the internal menu or about items. Thanks.

      • Currently we do not have a blog. Will be using Google+ till it’s up and running on our site.

  • As an early adopter, when I found out about the opportunities and the things that were going on @Loveit I knew I absolutely had to be a part of the team. This post makes me even happier and proud I jumped at the chance to get on.. erm, well you know what I mean;)

    If you’re wanting to start a collaborative collection, let me know. Thank you ever so much for being a part of our community! Absolutely #Love the poster.

  • Random Person

    I keep hearing all of this yammering about Pinterest’s Terms of Use claiming copyright for everything pinned on their system. I’d like someone to show me where in their feared “fine print” they claim this? Aside from it being unenforceable (they’re an AGGREGATOR, and if I pin Microsoft’s logo, I’d really like to see them try to “claim copyright” on that).

    Here, in Section 1a of their TOU, they say, “You retain all of your rights in all of the User Content you post to our Service.”

    And speaking of copyright… in general I am delighted when a company comes along and creates a product or service that addresses the severe shortcomings of a previous one, and Pinterest has some doozies. However, couldn’t LoveIt have been just a tiny bit, well, original? Or at least made a BIT more of an effort to look less, shall we say, actionable? I am guessing LoveIt doesn’t have as many lawyers as Pinterest, and you’re going to need them.

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